Whenever possible, we choose products from regional and/or ecological cultivation, because you should know, who delivered what’s on your plate. In our menu you’ll find the relevant hints.


Char and trout are from Forellenhof Ermisch, situated near Neustadt in the Saxon Switzerland. Fish grown up there is unbeatable in quality and taste.

Goat cheese and goat meat are delivered by the Seim family in Lauterbach near Stolpen in the Saxony of Switzerland.

As soon as they reach slaughter-weight, the lambs we’ll process are delivered from Milchschafhof Bärenstein(dairy-sheep farm), where they had ideal feeding conditions; the result is such a mild-tasting meat, that you can hardly guess you’re eating lamb.

Sometimes we get chicken from the Zilly chicken farm located in Ehrenberg/Saxon Switzerland. 

We obtain our wines from suppliers we know very well in person or from Naturian marketing only organically produced wines.

If you want to know more – don’t hesitate to ask!

Depending from the season we are supplied by Gut Gamig. The delicious apple-quince juice is produced there.

Qualität aus Tradition




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